I heard on the radio this morning that there was an online poll at the Post-Crescent’s website about whether local fans thought Favre should stay in Green Bay or be traded.  With around 12,000 votes tallied, 80% percent said that Favre should pack his bags and move out of town. 

But given the subtle change in mood for the fans in Green Bay over the last week or so, with Favre’s decision being the topic of discussion among the sports talking heads like John Madden, Dan Patrick and others, I don’t think this is a “we’re tired of the shenanigans, get the hell out” vote.  I think it’s the fans expressing that they appreciate all the Favre has done for the team and the town (and for all of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (I know yoopers are Pack fans, too) for that matter), and though they’d love to see him stay, they know that in 2006 the Green Bay Packers won’t challenge for anything but the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft.  They’d rather see Favre play for a team that has a chance to win something than to watch him suffer a slow, painful career death here in Green Bay.

It’d almost be like Packer faithful would have two Packer teams to root for: the local guys playing at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, and whoever Brett was playing for.  Let’s face it – Favre has been the face of the team for more than a decade, and he will inextricably be tied to the Pack and the hearts of the fans.  No matter where he ended up playing, we’d cheer for him just like we did when he was wearing Green and Gold.  Only it might be the Denver Packers.  Or the Phildelphia Packers.  Or the Dallas Packers (ugh – that one doesn’t have the right ring to it).

So I ask that Brett not take the poll at the Post-Crescent at face value; that the fans want you to leave.  We just want you to be in a position to make playing football fun again – we’ll watch you and cheer for you wherever you go. 

Thanks for the memories…