The Fox broadcast of the Lions/Packers game yesterday had it’s usual camera panning of the crowd to see what kinds of things people were doing to support the Packers in the cold and snow. There was a guy whose bare gut looked like the after photo of a Spy vs Spy where one spy ate a bomb. And then painted his enormous stomach to look like a bullseye.
Spy vs Spy

But far more compelling images came from the Bikini Girls. Stripped from the waist up except for matching gold bikini tops, they stood against the freezing temperatures and blowing winds to cheer on their team. They were holding up a sign, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what the sign said. Below is a photo of the girls from last season (before coordinating their tops), and I’d swear they’re more buff this year than last.

I remember thinking “Do they even make girls like that in Wisconsin?”

Apparently so. God bless Wisconsin.

Green Bay Packers Bikini Girls

Ladies, if you happen to read this blog and want some free publicity, navigate over to the contact page and send me an email; pre-game or post-game photos, bios, why you do what you do, whatever you’d like.

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Edit: I found a few more pictures, so I thought I’d be generous and share:

Packers Bikini Girls at Lions Game

Packers Bikini Girls prior to Shedding Clothing

Credit to “GB_SAHD_Bruce” for the keen eye and photographic composition. To see the rest in his ongoing series, visit Flickr.

Edit: I found another that I thought was worth posting (click on the thumbnail to see the full size image).

Green Bay Packers Bikini Girls - 4