It’s hard to believe how a few swaths of gold cloth placed strategically on a few young women in the freezing cold can blow up into something so big, so quickly.

To rehash: the Packers Bikini Girls appeared on the pages of this site after I scoured the web looking for images, after having seen them on the Fox broadcast of the final regular season game at Lambeau, Packers vs Lions.

packers-bikini-girls-7.jpgApparently there were quite a few people interested in seeing attractive young women in bikinis in the freezing cold of Lambeau in December. I was able to get in contact with a relative of the girls and was able to gather more “data.”

At game time I was certain that even if the family went to this game, no way those girls strip to their skivvies again. Too damn cold.

Uh, wrong.

packers-bikini-girls-8.jpgThe girls were at it again yesterday at the NFC Championship game, where during the game temps hovered around -4° and windchill of -24°. Even Brett Favre was holding a hand warmer up to his face the whole game. It’d be a shame if some frozen female parts were found in Lambeau’s bleachers, victims of the unbearable temperatures. At least when these pictures were taken, all parts were still attached.

For those of you looking for more information about the Packers Bikini Girls, here it is:

The girls are sisters and cousins of each other, and have been doing this for the last 5-6 years. I’ve been playing email tag, so I can’t tell you exactly why they do it, but judging from the picture at right, I would guess it’s some sort of PSA for the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce or maybe the State of Wisconsin, to explain to those outside Wisconsin that the women here are actually more warm-blooded than one might think them to be.

packers-bikini-girls-10.jpgThe notoriety that accompanies their appearances has been growing every year, and I’m pretty sure the over exposure they’ll soon be getting* is due to a couple of important factors:

1. They’re beautiful.

2. They’re wearing matching Packer bikini tops. (By the way ladies, where did you find those tops? There are other women out there trying to find them.) This move gave them a Swedish Bikini Team quality, like an aura of desirable untouchability that is driving the lesser gender crazy.

3. The Packers were really good this year. Putting them on a national stage against a team from the Big Apple pretty much ensured that all of major media was watching. If they were after a 15-minute slice of fame, this was the time and place for it.

packers-bikini-girls-11.jpgAnd talk about blowing up? I’ve been contacted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and representatives from King World (producers of the show Inside Edition) today to give up the 411 on these women. I was told that footage of them also appeared on NBC’s Today Show.

So I called their dad (not kidding – he’s the muscle that defends the honor of these buff bikini babes) and we got the payment details squared away (signed bikinis from all three),** and I turned over their contact information.

You can expect to see them grace the pages of the Journal Sentinel soon, and because of the timing element to a story like this, you may even see them on Inside Edition tonight.

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* Pun intended
** This may have been fabricated

Update: They will appear on Inside Edition tonight.

Another update: Here they are on Larry McCarren: