When you looked at the Packers schedule this year and mapped out their wins and losses, you marked this game as a win.  Admit it.  You’re among friends.  Well, at least until you leave the room.  Then we usually rip you to shreds.

I mentioned earlier in the week that the Green Bay Packers could have had Michael Turner for about 10% more than they paid for Ryan Grant.  Would it have been worth it?  We’ll find out on Sunday fer sher, but I thought we’d take a look at the tale of the tape for a definitive analysis:


Michael Turner is 25.

Ryan Grant is 25.  Push

—–Height and Weight—–

Michael Turner: 5’10”, 244

Ryan Grant: 6’1″, 226 – They say that for every inch of height you should add 10 pounds.  That means Grant oughta weigh 274 pounds if he’s gonna match the load that is Michael Turner.  Being shorter, Turner can hide behind lineman a bit better, and being such a horse, he can move piles.  Advantage: Turner

—–Yards per Carry—–

Turner: 305 carries for 1679 yards (career), 5.5 yards per carry.

Grant: 243 carries for 1142 yards (career), 4.7 yards per carry.  Advantage: Turner

—–Against Detroit in 2008—–

Turner: 22 carries for 220.  A nice, even 10 yards per.  A first down with every touch.

Grant: 15 carries for 20 yards.  Take away the longest run of the day (5 yards), and you’d have a yard per carry.  And you know that wouldn’t be the 3rd and 1 yard, when we really need it.  Advantage: Turner

—–The 40—–

Turner: 4.4

Grant: 4.43  Advantage: Turner

Turner takes Grant in every relevant category.  And in a few days, we’ll get to see just how unequal these two backs are.  Just a few more million and we could’ve had The Burner.  *sigh*

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