When Charles Woodson first came to Green Bay, I was on record as being against it. Then Charles did what a good athlete is supposed to; played well and stayed down. Unlike his time in Oakland, he never challenged a coach to a fight. He let the media circus blow right through town without so much as buying a ticket for one turn on the ferris wheel. So I apologized to Mr. Woodson. Pictured below is Woodson in a game against the Redskins, showing what the code of a warrior looks like if you could wear it on the outside (click pic for larger image).

This time he bought himself an all-day pass to the media circus, but only after I bought mine first. Charles is pissed, as anyone would be if a former teammate was doing everything he could to hang his old team out to dry, hurt the players he used to play for and with. “Honor” and “Code” are words Favre understands as well as words like “Boson Particle” and “Nickel Package”. Oh yeah – he just learned what Nickel Package meant a couple years ago. My bad.

According to a quote from the New York Daily News:

He contacted them? I don’t respect that. If they call him and he gives them information, that’s one thing. But to seek a team out and to feel like you’re trying to sabotage this team, I don’t respect that. I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time, but there’s no honor in that. I’ve never called a coach on another team and told them what’s going to happen. It is what it is. Obviously he says he wasn’t bitter about what happened, but obviously there is a little bit of resentment there.

And according to Leroy Butler, that’s probably just the beginning. It seems Favre’s been phoning coaches all over the league like an ugly girl a week before prom.

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