I cracked open my Google today because I’d heard somebody might be hanging up their NFL cleats.  (Click on the little ‘Mentally Tired’ graphic to see more of what I found.)

But checking ESPN, I found something a little more current.

Not like it matters.  All the articles from all the media outlets can do what ESPN did, recycling all their stories about Favre retiring from a year ago – just add “again” to the end of every sentence from last years’ articles.

“Brett Favre said he was mentally tired, again.”

“Favre was quoted as saying he just didn’t have anything more to give to the game of football.  Again.”

“He said he could still play, but that he just didn’t want to, again.”

Favre’s been a freak of nature playing as well as he has for as long as he has, but at some point everyone has to take a knee to the passage of time.  So maybe this really will be Favre’s final farewell.  But if it isn’t, no matter.  I won’t sweat it if a few weeks from now we see Brett on David Letterman talking about training camp, or if stories start to leak out about the Favre clan sending inappropriate text messages, or if Chris Mortensen’s voicemail starts getting aired on national television.

Time catches everyone, eventually.

Even Captian Farvelous.

But for now, I’m holding out for the official filing of retirement papers.

Update:  I just read the ESPN article.  Here’s an excerpt that’s as surprising as Chris Havel defending Brett:

While Favre did not directly broach the subject of the team simply releasing him so that he might have the option of signing with another team such as the Minnesota Vikings, a source said that Cook informally discussed the option with the Jets. The Jets respectfully declined that option, the source said.

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