It’s not like the quarterback position for the Green Bay Packers hasn’t been totally fubar’d enough in the last 24 months.  I mean 24/7 ESPN news scroll/Packer fan suicide watch for much of the ’07/’08 off season, Ted Thompson wanting to prove he had the bigger dong between him and Brett, and his spinning the events that took place between the two like the media was his own personal spirograph was a bit much to take.

But reports are hitting the fan that the Packers worked out former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus.  Paulus was a standout quarterback in New York state throughout his high school years, but opted for basketball when he got to college.

So he hasn’t played college level football.  And he’s a quarterback.  Is Thompson thinking he’s found another Matt Cassel?  A guy who with no college starts was able to propel the Patriots to an 11-5 record in 2008?  The only guy to start at QB who never started a game in college (but was at least on the team)?  Sure, I bet there’s two of those guys laying around somewhere.

And yeah, after the tug job (and not the fun kind) Thompson laid on the Packers and their fans with the QB situation in the last two years, I’m sure we’d all be game for more live team coverage of jet touchdowns at Austin Straubel with disgruntled quarterbacks emerging to screaming fans on the tarmac.

As a kid, fter nearly electrocuting myself by sticking a screwdriver into a receptacle, I just had to do it a few more times – I wanted to make sure that if I was going to eff it up, I did it good.  So I can totally see where Ted Thompson is coming from on this.  He’s just being thorough.

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