You always wonder if it’s worth it.  Worth the time and effort you put into your Green Bay Packers blog.  The seconds, sometimes minutes spent crafting a clever post to recap what happened when the Packer Bikini Girls showed their boobies, or a Brett Favre family member spoke out of turn.  Sometimes it can take me until week 8 to wordsmith what happened in week 5.  Some call it lazy.  I call it perfectionism.

But after what happened today, it’s all been worthwhile.

Recognizing the journalistic talent and intelligent fan banter on display at My Official Green Bay Packer Blog, Packer President and CEO Mark Murphy sent me a personal invitation to the Packers draft day party.


I got the email yesterday.  It was all fancied up in an html page, too.  It went something like this:

Dear Green Bay Packers Fan,  (See?  He knows I’m a fan!)

blah-blah exciting, blah blah intensify, blah blah NFL Draft… I’d like to personally invite you to this year’s event, April 25, from 3 to 9 p.m., with doors opening at 2 p.m. Blah blah blah, I hope you can join us April 25 when we see the selection of our newest players. Blah blah.

Mark Murphy

So I’m guessing there’s gonna be a private suite set up for me in the Lambeau Atrium, where there’ll be cracked crab and chompain served throughout the first day of the draft.  Mark also told me there was a cover charge of $25, but I’m sure that’s just for tax purposes or something. No way would he charge someone he was personally inviting to the big event.

You could check your own email inbox for an invitation, too, but let’s face it – Mark Murphy probably only sent out a select few of these personal invitation emails. Don’t be surprised if you didn’t get an invite. But don’t worry, dude. I’ll totally fill you in on how great it was after I get back and sober up.

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