It can be really hard to evaluate talent on a football team in a vacuum.  What I mean is, Ryan Grant has looked like an awful running back in just about every outing this year, save for the game against the terrible, terrible Browns where Grant popped off for almost 150 yards.  (How bad are the Browns against the run?  Right now, today, they are second-worst in the NFL, allowing just OVER 170 yards per game.)

But you can’t ever really tell if Grant’s performance has been sub-par because of Grant or because of other circumstances beyond his control.  The Packers can’t bring in an equally well-paid back from another team for a few snaps to see if it’s bad play calling, poor O-line blocking or maybe formations tipping off the defense as to what’s going to be run.

That is until this past Sunday when the Packer re-tread Ahman Green got in the game for a few carries.  Now Green’s got a pretty small sample size to compare to Grant (Green only had 6 carries on Sunday), but even so, at least we can compare Grant outside of a vacuum.  He can be compared against someone six years older, someone who used to be very good, but who was unemployed until the Packers came calling a few weeks ago.

And here are is the one stat you need to know:

Number of carries Ryan Grant had for over 25 yards this season:  1

Number of carries Ahman Green had for over 25 yards this season: 1

Maybe if Grant wasn’t listening to that stupid Miyagi, closing his eyes when he hit the line of scrimmage, he’d be able to produce as well as his more senior teammate did last Sunday.

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