FandemoniumAllow me to introduce you to Aretina.  Hot, yes?  Would you like to do Aretina a favor?  Of course you would.

Aretina’s sister, Linda, got ahold of me last night in the hopes that she could get the word out to Packer fans to get them to vote for her.  What you’re voting on is something to do with Fandemonium, and then Linda sent me the picture and all I heard was blah-blah-blah-warmbrowneyes-blahblah-prettysmile-blah-blah-petitelittlething.  Then I said “uh, what?  Were you saying something?  Post a picture or words and Aretina would kiss the monitor and pretend it was me as a thank you?  Yeah, I’ll do that.”

So here’s what you need to do right now.  Visit this link and cast your vote for Aretina.

Now you may be a skeptic like I am and want proof that she’s actually a Packer fan and not some adorable little thing just asking for your vote.  So I asked for proof.  And I got proof: Fandemonium

So drop your, uh…you know, just hold onto that and navigate with your other hand to the link above and cast your vote.  Advanced warning:  that site is powered by a three-legged gerbil, so you’ll need to invest a few minutes to cast the vote.  But just look at those brown eyes.  They want you to be patient.

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