What’s the catch phrase from those strip joints? 100’s of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones? I get the impression the Ravens cheerleading squad is gorgeous, but judging by the overwhelming emphasis on the five shown above, I’m wondering if some sort of inverted strip joint catch phrase is appropriate here.

Like the St. Louis Rams, the Ravens more or less get it when it comes to why cheerleaders exist on planet Earth (especially Serena, 2nd from right, tugging on her suit to show us her Brazilian).  The picture at the top of this post is also on the cover of their swimsuit calendar.  The Ravens website also has lots of pictures of the 2009 tryouts, including the girl to the right, who’s also been invited to my 2009 Girlfriend Tryouts.  As you might imagine, the winner receives a very prestigious award.

The website offers hot desktop backgrounds like the Rams cheerleaders, but only of the five women you see at the top of this post.  Not complaining, and yeah, there’s nice diversity in that group to appeal to just about any taste, but like Ron White once said:  “One you’ve seen one pair of tits…

You pretty much wanna see all of ’em.”

One very, very troubling discovery is that there are dudes on this cheerleading team.  Right.  Dudes.  For those of you still trying to wrap your head around this, think Will Ferrell.

But that hideous revelation is tempered by Leslie, Serena, Amanda and Angel.

The best of the bunch?  The hottest of the hot?

She has red hair that smolders, blue eyes that pierce.

Her name is Adriene.

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