It appears Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, doesn’t like Green Bay.  I kinda got that feeling when he said “I hate everything about it.”

I’m paraphrasing, of course, because he’s some punk ass RB who ran for 54 yards last night, so I’m not paying really close attention to the details of his comments.  But I did get a pretty good chuckle.

I mean, this is a guy from Baltimore, right?

I spent time in Philadelphia years ago working for a now-defunct television ratings company, and one of the days I was there I had to drive around doing quality checks with a member of upper management.  The trip included a very brief run south into Baltimore.  I won’t besmirch Baltimore’s mediocre name, but let’s just say we got in and out as fast as possibly could, ignoring most traffic signals and dodging nearly all of the pedestrains we saw, so we could back to the relative safety of Pennsylvania.

Baltimore is a hole.

Green Bay might be a sleepy little rural chunk of the U.S. with more cows and chickens than people, but when it comes to football, this is as Americana as it gets.  Hey, Ray?  The trophy you play for?  You remember the name of that trophy, right?

It’s like playing in an Elvis cover band and saying you hate Graceland.  Like saying you like chicks but wearing pink, lacy thong underwear.  Like saying you’re a devout Catholic but you hate going to church.

If you like football, Green Bay is hallowed ground.  There’s no room for opinion on the matter.  All you do is call attention to your punkassness if you shit on Green Bay and this legendary venue.

And when you do it after a loss?  You just look like a crybaby.

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