You remember Aretina, right? Aretina is a Packer fan. As you might imagine, Aretina is sad.

As one of the six finalists for the Monster Fandemonium thingamajigaretinaisadorableisn’tshe, Aretina got to meet Jerome Bettis and Sterling Friggin’ Sharpe.

And, as the hottest of the six finalists by a wide margin, Aretina deserves your vote. How adorably hot is she? Watch this video. I’m pretty sure that’s Jerome Bettis acting shy and nervous around sweet little Aretina.

So.  Go here.  It’s an NFL-sponsored site for Christ’s sake, so quit acting like I’m trying to trick you into something. When you get there, vote for Aretina.  She could win something.  Superbowl trip, I think. I don’t really know. What I do know? If she wins, she’ll be contractually obligated to send more pictures of herself at the big game, giving that come hither look she seems to have mastered.

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