My fellow Packer bloggers and Packer blog readers:  I have an assignment for you.

I’ve been listening to the ESPN radio between-commercial sound bite from Linus Scott Van Pelt for the last month about how the Steelers should have the distinction of being America’s Team based solely on the existence of Steeler bars across the country.  If countrywide (and dare I say worldwide) themed bar count is the only arbiter of what makes a team “America’s Team,” I think the Packers beat everyone.  (Of course if we’re counting championships we’re still #1 but I’m getting off topic and the meds are about to kick in and I’ll forget everything I want to write so I have to work fast.)  Here’s a graphic from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, tallying Packer bars nationwide:

And here’s “Fun Sarah,” a woman in a Packer bar on the Left Coast who indeed appears to be built for fun. (Sorry, Sarah – my persona on this site is that of a pig, so I kinda have to keep it up, just for appearances. I’m nowhere near as piggy in person. At least not out loud.)

So.  Packer fans across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world:  I need your help.  Send me links to your Packer bars.  Wisconsin bars are good, but the further flung, the better.

And?  If you’re a part of one of these establishments and you send me a picture, particularly a picture of a cute member of your wait staff or female customers, you’ll get yourself a mention on the home page.

Free PR.  Can’t beat it with two hands and lotion, right?

And I have this extra, brand new Packer pullover jacket lying around, gathering dust.  Not saying I’m necessarily gonna give it away, but if you go above and beyond the call of duty?  Maybe I send it to you.

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