Someone commented recently that Grant had a good year.  I think Grant’s grossly overpaid.  Let’s check the stats and see.

In total yards, Grant was 7th best in the NFL.  Pretty respectable.

In yards per carry, among ballcarriers with at least 100 carries, Grant was 23rd.  Not so good.

In total attempts, he was again 7th.  Good durability.  Nice change from last season.

Zero fumbles (well, he caught a break or two in this regard, but we’ll give it to him).  Hard to do better than that.

Touchdowns – also seventh.

But the yardstick I use when I wake up in the morning?  The most important one of all?

How much is Grant getting paid relative to that production?  Let’s measure it against yards rushed.

1.  Chris Johnson – Titans – 5 years, $12 million, or $2.4M per

2.   Steven Jackson – Rams – 6 years, $45 million, or $7.5M per

3.  Thomas Jones – Jets – 4 years, $20 million, with 13 of it front-loaded, but avg of $5M per

4.  Maurice Jones-Drew – Jaguars – 5 years, $31 million, or $6.2M per

5.  Adrian Peterson – Vikings – 6 years, $40 million, or $6.6 per

6.  Ray Rice – Ravens – 4 years, $3 million.  Wha?  Three fucking million?

7.  Ryan Grant – Packers – 4 years, $20 million, or $5M per season.

Eesh.  Maybe that dumbass commenter was right.  Johnson and Rice had breakout years and will certainly be having the crew from The Italian Job showing up at their employers’ offices to remove a bunch of gold from their safes.  And relative to these top seven, Grant’s pay and production fall pretty much in line.

I’m still not fucking happy about it, though.  But I’ll concede – Grant earned his money this year.

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