During the football season my email inbox gets clogged with crap. Useless garbage, like a beer company telling me their spokesmodel will be in town, so maybe I blog about it? Oh, I blogged about it. Or when Jay Leno was launching his new show and there was a street team at Lambeau that night to promote the live teleconference thing at halftime. Right. Not so much.

So when I got email about Al Harris and his rehab, and how there’s video of it, I thought “Meh. Nobody wants to watch me popping my morning pills, popping the vertebrae in my back, then jogging on the treadmill.

But in a moment of weakness, I clicked and watched. The whole thing.

Al’s working hard to come back. And now I’m kinda drawn in.

Next week? Watch YouTube to see me try to choose between purple and grey underwear! (hint: the chicks love the purple. gets ’em moist.)

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