Not the Brett Favre consecutive starts streak. Sweet Jeebus, I’d drop a load in my real. comfortable. jeans if that happened.

No, I’m talking about a much longer, much more venerated streak. The consecutive sellouts at Lambeau Field streak. Right now it stands at over 280 straight capacity games, dating back to 1960. Nineteen fucking sixty!

And unless you’ve got twelve grand to give me before next week’s game against Buffalo, so I can watch the Pack disassemble the Bills like Johnny Five from Short Circuit from the comfort of a luxury suite, the streak will end in 8 days.

As it turns out, a hundred grand is a lot of money for 24 hours worth of entertainment spread out over four months. More than most fans are able to shell out.

So please. This is your call to action. Donate. To me. Don’t let your generation be the one responsible for ending the sellout streak. Put my soft behind in a cushy seat with all the cheese curds I can eat while I fulfill my dream of pretending to be rich.

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