I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty damn excited. It seems that quite a few respected sports writers are predicting the Packers will represent the NFC in the Superbowl this year.

And why wouldn’t they? I mean it was a real stroke of luck when we nabbed Tennessee’s Chris Johnson even-up for Ryan Grant in the off-season.

Oh, shit. We didn’t? We still have aim-for-the-D-line Grant as our primary threat on the ground? The guy who pads his numbers on games against teams like Detroit but is a no-show for the big ones?

Well, who needs a ground game, anyway.

At least we were able to jettison Will Blackmon and pick up Josh Cribbs from Cleveland and still stay under the cap, giving us a terrifying house call threat in our return game.

What? No Cribbs? We’re still relying on a guy with bones made from Pringles and ligaments made from silly string to return kicks?

Meh. Field position is overrated, anyway.

I still feel really good that Al Harris is back to 100% and is as youthful as ever, so our corps of defensive backs will go into the season as solid as it has ever been.

Are you effing kidding me? Harris isn’t really ready? Our DB situation is shaky?

Oh, yeah. The Packers are Superbowl bound, all right. And have you seen my 14″ penis? It’s ENORMOUS!

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