I know.

You think I’m late to the party, right?  Half the Packer squad, a group of gentleman not known for their MENSA credentials, are all on Twitter, so why the hell is this highly-ranked Packer blogger dude not on Twitter?


I am on Twitter, bruthas and sistas.

The thing is, I have many irons.  In many fires. The iron in this fire is small.  Practically pitching wedge.  I’ve got my big lumber in other fires. And yeah, what you’re thinking is true.  Holding your wood in a fire fucking hurts.

Anyway.  I’ve decided to start putting a little effort into @JPFootball, my Twitter handle for this blog. Follow me. I know where all the good strip clubs are.

You can expect the same stat-averse, punk-ass snark there that you find here. X’s and O’s are for your grandmother when she sends you a birthday card. And for hot chicks who like me. The only X’s you’ll see from me on Twitter will be followed by two more X’s. (Go ahead, do the math. I’ll wait.) And the only O’s are the O faces I’ll be giving your wife. (*offer excludes any women capable of gutting and dragging their own deer from the woods. I like my women like I like my cupcakes: without a penis on them.)

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