Mr. Jenkins' activity-based epilepsy is nothing to laugh at. So he has seizures when he dances That's a reason to ridicule?I think Cullen Jenkins just ruined it for everyone. Word’s getting out about Jared Allen and how the NFL is going to start assessing 15 yard penalties for getting your thespian on after a big tackle or sack. The idea is, it’s goal is to humiliate the opponent, detracts from the game, takes time, and puts forth an image the league would prefer not to promote.

But I know the truth. The inside story. Something that may not ever be leaked to mainstream media. But you’ll hear it here.

Cullen Jenkins is the reason defensive players will no longer be able to celebrate after a big play.


I couldn’t find video of Jenkins’ sack dance, but I found the next closest thing. This is just too awful for human eyes to be subjected to. It’s like A Clockwork Orange. The NFL knows this and wants to prevent unneeded suffering.

But I have good news, I guess: Ms. Benes has a few more openings for her spastic school of dance.

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