Quick! How many starting-caliber NFL players does it take to beat an NFL team?

A: 53.

Did you answer 39? A full roster minus the number of injured starters and their injured backups?

My thoughts on the game, in no particular order:

Coach McCarthy? Please stop talking about how you’re committed to the run. Just like there isn’t a single person unaware of breast cancer, there isn’t a single person that believes this claim anymore.

Jermichael Finley? I realize it wasn’t a hammie you suffered, it was a torn meniscus.  But you know? I’ve had a torn meniscus since I was 18.  It’s been re-torn a few times.  I haven’t been carted off anywhere. I got up and walked. And I’m not a big, tough NFL baller.  I’m worried you aren’t, either.

Brady Poppinga’s still on the team? Who knew!

In the last few weeks I swear I’ve seen Jennings taking plays off.

On fourth and one, in the red zone, Rodgers was proven right: McCarthy isn’t putting the best players on the field, especially at the crucial times.

The Poppinga pass interference call was a mistake.  The Woodson call was not.

The defense played like they were two men down when Matthews left the game. It made me worry about how dependent we are on Matthews.

Matthews injury aside, in 4 quarters the Packers held the Redskins to 13 points. That should be enough to win.

It’s hard for me to knock Mason Crosby for not making a 53 yard field goal to win the game in regulation. There’s a reason 50+ yard FGs are a big deal.  They’re effing hard.

Donovan McNabb is one tough mothertrucker. I don’t know how he was able to keep getting up, the number of times his cuckoo was clocked.

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