Were you able to get up for this game?

I couldn’t.

With the Packers taking out listings on Craig’s List for linebackers, tight ends and medical staff, and the receiving corps, once considered among the deepest and most feared in the NFL but now among the most in need of stickum, I pretty much loaded up the porn clips on the lapper to keep my mind off the A2M the Packers were going to be dealt today.

There’s no such thing as a moral victory in the NFL, just like there’s no such thing as an “honest” profile picture on Facebook.  But just like that chick who looks hot when she photographs herself from that impossible angle with her boobs all squished up high, this game gave me reasons to smile.

Rodgers still did a solid. Which I’ve learned does NOT mean making a firm poop.  You kids and your lingo, I swear.

It was nice hearing from Greg Jennings.  But it’d be nice if he was more than football’s equivalent of Babe Ruth; home run or nothing.

I was not Laughing Out Loud at all when Brady Poppinga, LOLb, went down with a knee injury. We so need Adam Sandler. Or some of his special water the Himalayas.

In the end, the Packers were able to take advantage of a sleepy Miami defense on 4th and goal, taking it to overtime, where coach McCarthy regularly gets his ass handed to him. Seriously. He had a shelf made for his ass in his office. I think the only OT win to McCarthy’s credit was a Favre-to-Jennings home run against the Broncos, the first play from scrimmage, and probably a Favre audible at that.

Because as we’re getting to become accustomed to, McCarthy’s naptime is scheduled like clockwork to start right at the end of the first half. Second half adjustments for McCarthy usually mean nothing more than shuffling his junk from one side of his pants to the other while he watches the sails go limp on his offensive ship and his defense gets picked apart like a chicken at a McNuggets factory.

The good news? Rodgers is healthy. And uh, that’s about it.

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