I just read a piece by Mike Tanier, an NBCSports.com contributor, dishing on why the Packers haven’t lived up to expectations.

“Many people think injuries are the Packers’ main problem, but they’re no more banged-up than other teams.” Really? Find another 3-4 team that’s starting 2nd and 3rd string LBs almost exclusively.

Matthews (LB): Out
Barnett (LB): Out
Chillar (LB): Out
Poppinga (LB): Out
Hawk (LB): Out

Quick quiz, Mike: Who led the league in sacks after week 2 or 3? Did you say Clay Matthews? DING! Now a pass rush can’t live on one man alone, but he was a pretty big part of getting pressure on the QB.

And the running game isn’t great you say? No shit? You know we’re running a 2nd stringer there too, right? And that our first stringer wasn’t that great to begin with?

Another quiz: How many Packer safeties have been unable to play due to injury this season? Let’s see, there’s Atari Bigby, who was replaced quite nicely by rookie Morgan Burnett, who promptly blew out his knee.

And our defensive front? Similar story.

To say the Packers are as banged up as every other team is like saying you and I see the same amount of female attention in a week. (hint: full head of salt-n-peppah over here, skin melon.)

The Packers do have a tendency to get out coached in the second half. And I’m pissed off about it. I’ll give you that.

The Vikings simply have more healthy weapons than the Packers have right now. That doesn’t mean Clay Matthews, who’s return is expected this week, can’t wrap his arms around Favre as he did with Eagles QB Kolb, sending him unbraced, face first into the turf, then to the sidelines for a month, counting stars.

The Vikings have some clear advantages. But to say the Packers are just as healthy as the next team? You’ve been smoking your hair, haven’t you. THAT’S where all that hair’s gone.

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