In a comment in an earlier post this week, someone was generous enough to offer me space on their site to a scouting report for the Packers/Jets game. And it sounded like a great idea and was very flattering.

But the offer went hand in hand with that one thing I hate: work.

I know a little about the Jets just from Favre’s days there, pimping penis and pump fakes.

They’re good. Real good. Good receivers. A retread running back who still has traction. A quarterback that does fewer dumb things now than he used to. A pro bowl center whose sister could back him up on the depth chart. And a tough, tough defense. And the whole gang is corralled by the original bloodline of Old Tyme Football, the Ryan family.

Tough draw for the Packers. The Vikings lost to the Jets in New York, and the Packers beat the Vikings, too. By that math it should take overtime to decide this game. Which means the Packers should be coming home talking about a moral victory and a .500 record.

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