I love the word “feckless.” It sounds like something way worse, like when you say friggin’ when you really mean the other thing.

If you type in the word “feckless” in Google and hit enter, you see other words pop up like ineffective, incompetent and futile.

Brad Childress is feckless as an NFL head coach. And I shouldn’t even say this, because it may only hasten his firing. But I’m a truth monger, dammit. And I’m gonna monger this truth real good.

I’ve spent some time in the white collar world and seen some managers who absolutely thrive on managing people. And for some, the bigger the job, the better they do. I’ve also seen managers who are in way over their heads, making knee-jerk decisions because they want to undo a grievous mistake, or because they feel like they’ve lost control of their staff and need to do something, anything, to show the staff that, without question, s/he is in charge.

By cutting Randy Moss 4 weeks into his tenure with the Vikings, Brad Childress has either indicated that he made a terrible mistake bringing Moss in in the first place, or that this is his last gasp attempt at asserting his role as leader of the team.

No matter which it is, Childress is clearly playing above his weight class.

Let’s consider the first option: Childress made a huge mistake bringing Randy Moss to the team. How is that even possible? I mean, to make a personnel mistake so big it needs to be corrected in 4 weeks and at the expense of a 3rd round draft choice, you must really not have known what you were getting in Randy Moss. How could Childress possibly now know what he’d get with Randy Moss? Moss has had hundreds of teammates, numerous head coaches and offensive coordinators and receivers coaches. This is his 13th NFL season. Unlike that nice young man James Starks, there’s plenty of scouting data out there on Moss for Childress to look over. So if Childress really did make a mistake with Moss, then Childress has no idea how to find and screen quality help.

Now for the second option: Childress needed to show everyone who’s boss. Tony Danza, right? And by Tony Danza I mean Brett Favre. When a manager makes a unilateral decision that seems to be straight out of crazy town, it’s proof positive that the manager has already lost his grip on his staff. He cut Randy loose and really didn’t give his team or the media an explanation why. That’s what stressed out people in over their heads do. They make rash decisions they really can’t justify. In laying down like a hooker in view of an Andrew Jackson for Favre, Childress lost a lot of clout as the team’s leader and gave that to Favre. Or at best, just threw it away. And by cutting Moss apparently without cause, the rest of the team will lose respect for him, lose confidence in their status on the team, and in general feel like they’re playing for a non-leader. Which, yeah. They are.

Minnesota could be scary good with all the weapons they have. Thank god they’ve got Childress for a coach.

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