Let a new legend begin.

In the 1960’s, defenses could not prevent the mechanical certainty with which the Packers’ offense ate yards.

In the 1990’s, you didn’t leave Lambeau Field as an opponent of the Packers with a win.

In the 2010’s, coaches in jeopardy of losing their jobs do not survive the Packers.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not gonna go all crazy and crown their ass just yet. They don’t even hold sole possession of first place in their own division.

But what they do have? They have Dom Capers, the Megamind of Defense. Charles Woodson, who is arguably the most complete defensive player in football. Clay Matthews, the only defensive player I can remember in recent history that has me holding my breath with every opposing play from scrimmage, wondering if he’ll wreak disaster in the offensive backfield. Tramon Williams, who in 2010 is making himself a big name player in the NFL. Shit, I was gonna rattle off all the important players in the Packer defense and offense, but I’m running out of steam, and besides – I don’t need to tell you who’s good, do I? You watch the games. You know.

Add all of those good players up and you get 1,685, if you add them up by the numbers on their jerseys. Which makes no sense at all.

What does make sense? We have ourselves a young, talented team to pull for that gets better every week. A team that would hold up their end of the fight against any other team in the NFC right now.

Dear Mike Singletary, Jim Schwartz and Tom Coughlin: Don’t get too comfortable. And spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the user interface on Monster.com. It can be a little tricky if you aren’t used to it.

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