I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but maybe you haven’t seen it.  If you haven’t heard, Al Harris to a half-page ad out on the back page of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, thanking fans for, well, being fans while he was played for the Pack.

I’ve heard a few say that sure, he made millions in Green Bay, it’s the least he could do.  I bet if you ask those people if they even sent out a Hallmark the last time they lost a job, they’d say no. So all those people that say that? You have my permission to sack punch them.

I’ve long been on record as really liking Al. Not that his reputation needed any cement, but this cemented his status as one of the classiest ballers to ever don green and gold.

Here’s the ad: (click it to see the whole thing)

Al Harris, class act, half page ad thanking Packer fans.

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