There can be no argument.  When Michael Turner runs, he hauls ass.

How. Low. Canyougo.

I’ve been listening to the local sports talk rehash the game so I know what opinion to have today while I write this post.  Well, sort of.  I heard lots of discussion about the Packers failing at fundamentals like tackling.

Seriously? Michael Turner is 5’10”, 244 pounds. There isn’t a single Packer defender that packs that much weight into that small a frame.*  Tackling Turner would be like tackling a 250 pound bowling ball that has knees and elbows. So Turner, who could have been a Packer for the same personal appearance fees Ryan Grant is charging, rolled downhill for a buck ten yesterday.

Did the Falcons punt at all yesterday? I wouldn’t have, the way they owned the line of scrimmage like a Rottweiler owns the whole area between where the swirly metal thing that sticks in the ground holding one end of the chain is and the other that strains against his neck.

Doggie Style

Does Aaron Rodgers not <3 Donald Driver anymore?  James Jones has been making more catches than Driver lately, which makes me think I’m in Bizarro Packerland.

Do you think the Packers special teams take short buses behind the big, regular team buses on the way to the games? 15 yard facemask with so little time left and field position at a premium?

Why didn’t Crosby put that kickoff through the uprights with no chance for a runback?

Who in the effing eff is teaching Shields to return kicks? You can’t shake your shoulders like you’re on stage at Beansnappers with a pair of D cups hanging off your chest, trying to make this month’s rent money.**  You catch the ball and then take off like you were shot from a cannon.  Shuckin’ and jivin’ only works on the dance floor. (Or does that only work for me?)

One in the pink and one in the ink. Wait, what?Atlanta must’ve followed the Detroit Lions’ playbook on handling the Packers’ rush – watch the Packer DBs play soft, and lob little dumpers for 5-15 yards a pop on quick, 3-step drops. Because the Packers DBs did play soft – there seemed to always be 5-8 yards of open real estate between the line of scrimmage and the first DB available to make a play. (Then again, maybe the DBs were hiding from Turner. I would.)

And Brandon Jackson. 10 touches. 26 yards. That just will not do, young man. Did I mention the Packers could have had Turner for the same price as Grant, right around the time they signed Grant? Rodgers on the scramble is exciting to watch, but that should be taken like tequila and tall blondes with tattoos: in moderation.  Too much of that and you end up in traction. Or at least at the doctor’s office.

I think it was Aquinas that said this looked like other games, where the Packers just couldn’t close it out. Like they’re in their own heads, not believing.

* Seriously. I checked.

** By the way, uh, ladies? How about a VIP day for me? Email me?

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