I don’t know about you, but I watched the MNF game last night between the Saints and the Falcons with great interest.

I wanted to see how the ass-crowned “Best of the NFC” looked playing head to head. And you know? They looked pretty good.

But neither team looked unbeatable.

Drew Brees looked like he was pressing, and it almost cost him the game. Thankfully for him the Saints defense only allowed seven points all game long.

And the Falcons defense looked fast and capable, but Brees was still able to pile up over 300 yards passing against them. Am I being a homer when I say I don’t think Brees would have as much success against a defense with the reigning NFL defensive MVP and his heir apparent? I don’t think I am.

The Packers play tighter defense than the Falcons in terms of points allowed
. And the Packers have played against some prolific offenses in putting up those statistics.

In yards allowed
, the Falcons are a pedestrian 17th w/ 335 allowed, the Packers rank 9th w/ 314 allowed, and the Saints are 5th with 305 yards allowed.

Blah blah blah. What I’m saying is the Packers stack up square with just about any team in the NFL. If they can get special teams together and assemble a competent run game? Good things, buby. Good things.

Now for a few other things we’ve learned…

Nobody really believes the Bears are a contender, right? After the ho-slap they bent over for by the Patriots, and barely skating by the Jets, a team with one foot out the door?

The Lions needed a hump game to get on the good side of all the effort they’ve been pouring into each game this season. Unfortunately, it came against the Packers. But no matter who it came against, the Lions aren’t a doormat anymore. Packer fans should stop penciling in two victories at the start or each new season.

No team has demonstrated the need for a competent QB over every other position more than the Vikings. Their wide receivers as a group are among the most talented in the NFL. They have one of the top 3 running backs in the league. By rights they should rival the Patriots for the top scoring team in the NFL. Yet they’re like the Lions, only headed down, not up.

So if coach McCarthy can shake the big game yips he’s got a rep for, by late January we could be talking about a showdown with the Saints, Falcons or Eagles.

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