In a move that stunned many (except this crack reporter), coach Mike McCarthy announced that Aaron Rodgers will be returning some punts and kickoffs.

“That’s our brand of football” said McCarthy, when asked about the announcement.  “Take Tramon Williams, for example.  He’s become an unbelievably important part of our defense, as evidenced by the enormous payday he just got.   What says ‘We think you’re important’ more than putting him in harm’s way on kicks?  Nothing, really.”

McCarthy cited the same logic when asked why, after looking for a year to find a running game, and finally finding it in James Starks, he put Starks on the field to return kicks.  “Look.  I want our most valuable players at risk every opportunity I can put them there.  What’s hard to understand about that?”

Uh, not hard to understand at all, coach.  Careless, but not hard to understand.*

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*I’m not sure, but I think Mike McCarthy said none of what I quoted in this post.