You probably heard all about it, right? Aaron Rodgers snubbing a cancer-fighting autograph seeker?

If you watch the video, you know? It kinda looks like it. (see it here:

But hold on now. If you’re a Rodgers apologist? Please press pause. If you’re furious that he didn’t sign something for this cancer patient? You, too. Pipe down for a minute.

If you watch the video, it appears that Clay Matthews knew all about Jan Cavanaugh when he got off the plane, almost like a PR person had prepped him for it. In my head I find myself asking “If Clay Matthews knew all about her, why didn’t Rodgers?” I also find myself thinking Rodgers nearly bumped shoulders with this woman. No way he didn’t see her. And her #12 jersey. And hat. And Sharpie.

But you know? He’s signed things for her before. The week before, even. And then before that. When I was a kid playing organized sports, as a joke some adult asked me for an autograph, and that’s the only experience I’ve ever had with autograph seekers. If I saw the same person, again and again asking for an autograph, would I begin to question if my signature was being used for their personal gain? Yep. Would I feel at least mild irritation? Sure thing. Would I snub that person? If I was having anything but an awesome, sun-shiny day? Yup.

Enter Mike Florio, the high school AV guy of NFL Football. He blasts Rodgers for snubbing Jan.

Hey Mike? The going off half-cocked thing, where you’re pretty much clueless about a given situation but you see a video snippet or hear a sound bite and your mouth hits the keyboard before your brain has a chance to think about wtf it is you’re saying? That’s my job. You’re paid by NBC now, and expected to, you know, do research and stuff. Not go Maury Povich Show when you see something you don’t like. I mean, if looking nerdy while wearing your dad’s suits and opining on things you know nothing about can bring in the big cheese? Sign me up. I don’t do a lick of research. I just talk shit all damn day.

And Mike? If you’d spent a minute inside a Wal*Mart, Shopko or Target in our market, you’d know that pink doesn’t just mean breast cancer. It also means chicks dig football. For every Packer jersey you can buy, you can get it in pink. You can get hats in pink. Pink is just how we bring the fairer of the gender into the football fold around here.

douche microphoneAnd then I got word that Florio apologized. Which is ok, but jeebus, dude. If you’re gonna rant, hitch up your drawers and ride it out like a man. To do that, make sure you know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth, but then cut to the bone, without apologies. I think you realized Rodgers is gonna be around for awhile and you’d like to get some quotes from him, which is pretty unlikely if you’re a douche. I mean, you can hold a douche like it’s a microphone, but who wants to do that?

Oh. This guy.

So look.  I watch the video, and yeah, it doesn’t look great.  But as Mike Florio said, it’s a tiny slice of life – like the much larger slice Florio took in carving Rodgers.  If I’m Aaron Rodgers, I tell my PR people to go Burt Reynolds (Paul Crewe) on Ray Nitschke (Bogdanski) in The Longest Yard: “Let him through.”

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