Red-faced devil genius, Mike McCarthy“We know what kind of team we are and we know the brand of football we play, and it’ll be evident out on the field.”* – Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers head coach

Sure Mike.

Like that 3-back set we’ve been seeing so much from McCarthy-coached teams. What’s that? The Philly game was the first time in a decade that we saw the three-back set?**

Or is the Packer brand of football the Jennings Go Long brand? Nah, tried that.  Worked for a little while, but straight go routes get easy to defend, you know?  Jennings had to learn to suck up to bossman less and get open on shorter routes more.

Or maybe the Packer brand is five wideouts, screw the run, let’s see if you have 5 DB’s good enough to cover? Sometimes.

Or could it be that our brand is just a white label version of the Ravens Superbowl identity: don’t let the other team score and play just enough offense to not muck up what the defense is trying to do?

Here’s what I like – now that we have a running game that at least has to be paid more than lip service, these can all be Packer brands of football.  The Packers can knock your dick in the dirt with heavy-handed fullbacks, finesse the gaps with a now-capable running back, play dink-and-dunk with screens, sideliners and between the hashes routes straight down the field, or play the long ball. ***  The only question is whether McCarthy can guess which brand is going to work against each team.  So far he’s guessed right.

Which reminds me – I wonder which guess Lovie’s crew is going to make about which brand of Packer football they’ll be facing?

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*Or something like that.  You know he’s said something like that, right?

**By the way, shame on you Post-Crescent and Press-Gazette for not getting a picture of this unicorn of offensive formations – how’s a guy supposed to steal use and attribute photos to you unless you post those pics on your site?

***Chicks dig the long balls.  Seriously.  Melt in your…wait, wrong blog.