The Packers hang on to get to the Superbowl and the only thing on sports talk today?  Jay Cutler.  Well, I guess Aaron Rodgers should be used to having his accomplishments being whitewashed by the drama of another quarterback. Not that what Rodgers got done in the second half of the NFC Championship should be considered an “accomplishment.”

And I wish I had some fresh take on Cutler, something that hasn’t already been said since yesterday.

But the stuff I said about Brett Favre in my comment in my last post seems to be echoed by many ballers in The League – you don’t come out of the NFC Championship unless your own legs can’t carry you.

All I know is what I saw. This is what I saw:

Cutler walked off the field under his own power.  I don’t remember even seeing him being helped off the field.  Or wincing on the ground in pain. He just didn’t reappear the next time the Bears had the ball.

Once he was on the sidelines, he sat like a mopey little sister who was told she couldn’t have a puppy. That is when he wasn’t walking around or riding a stationary bike with the awkwardness of a stroke victim in rehab.

I didn’t see him giving counsel to either of his backups, or anyone else for that matter.  Something he saw in the Packer D to exploit. Some wrinkle he didn’t expect.  Unfortunately, that’s a lot like Brett Favre when he had a chance to coach up his backups and eventual replacement and instead did nothing.

Reports came out today that he had an MCL strain or tear, so maybe he really was hurt. So hurt he couldn’t try a shot.  Or a brace.  Or a wrap. Or something to get back in the game.  He was so hurt, he couldn’t

He said he didn’t know how or when the injury happened.  I’m not quite sure how someone pops some banjo strings and doesn’t know it.

Maybe he’s the toughest, most stoic sunavabitch alive.  He can walk without ligaments.  Suffer excruciating injuries without a single flinch. Never a reaction to anything, really.

Or? This Bear is who we thought he was.

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