About 15 years ago I worked for a sage of Corporate America. Alot of what I learned about how to navigate the corporate ladder I learned from this guy.  One lesson that stuck with me was a simple but important and poignant one: always take care of your boss.

Now he was my boss, so you might be inclined to think it was self serving for him to tell me that, but I was also a boss, with a sizable staff under me.  So I understood exactly what he meant.

And now I want to teach that same lesson to Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley.  You know, the guys with idle time on their hands and a need to express themselves, no matter how whiny they appear.

Nick? Jermichael?  With all the football terminology that echoes of war time, it wouldn’t be a stretch to compare the relationship of player and coach to that of a soldier and his captain, would it? No, it wouldn’t.  And in the army, they teach you to follow your leader, right? No matter what? His job is to lead you to successfully engaging the enemy.  There’s no room for voting. For democracy. Fall in line, soldier, or you put the whole platoon at risk.

With what you’ve done on Twitter, you’re taking the focus away from winning the biggest battle your platoon has ever fought.

Can you imagine if there were a Twitter for the military?

@PFCBarnett I don’t think cap’n is right about trying to charge this hill, guys.

@PFCFinley I think cap’n’s wrong and it’s making me mad. Who’s with me?

Now in Corporate America, it’s not all that different.  Matt, my boss way back when, was charged with things far less important than the freedom of a people, but the concept is the same.  My success was tied to Matt’s success. If I failed, Matt failed.  If Matt failed, well, you get the idea. So among his staff, we always had the wagons circled.  If I was going to get a raise or a promotion, it was going to be because of Matt.  Not in spite of him.  So I made sure my goals aligned with his goals, and trusted that his goals were to lead us all successfully through battle.

That’s what coach McCarthy is doing, boys. Trying to lead his platoon of soldiers into battle. Take that hill. And you’re lagging behind, bitching about who’s getting the better MRE’s.

Look. I get that you want to be included in the team photo, and it sucks that for awhile you weren’t going to be. But you keep that private, Private. Take it directly to the coach, or whatever PR person is responsible for that. Don’t distract your platoon from the upcoming battle.

Because remember – if McCarthy fails? Then you fail.

And maybe you get a dishonorable discharge because of it.  The battle’s too important to pay any mind to whiners.

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