The robot is quoted in Pro Football Talk as saying he hasn’t been out “carousing.” That’s good, because unless it’s 1950, I don’t think anyone carouses anymore. Mackin on some ladies?  Maybe.  But not carousing.

I lyka way you waggleNo, no, Rodgers said he’s been in his room, studying game film, preparing for the Superbowl.  At least that’s his cover story.  And Rodgers believes that sticking to his usual routine in preparing for the Superbowl, doing the same things he’s done all year, will pay dividends on Sunday.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping the same.  In the name of their cover story, “sticking to the routine,” Ben Roethlisberger was out boozing at a piano bar last night, and reportedly started playing chopsticks with his, uh, chopstick.*  And Hines Ward insists he wasn’t at that strip club, but again, stick to what you know.  You like having fine nekkid ladies waggling their behinds in your face? If that’s what got you to the big dance, then by all means, stick to that game plan. And make sure you have a good cover story for the media.

Cover your gadget with a coverooSpeaking of cover stories, I have a chance for one or two of you to win your own “cover stories” – a sweet, custom cover for your iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry or other smart phone.  Coveroo makes them, and I have one or two to give away to readers like you. The winner will receive a code from me to enter at checkout.

Here’s what you need to do in order to win a free Coveroo: comment on my blog after the Superbowl. Whether the Packers win or lose, the most entertaining 2 comments will win. And by entertaining, I don’t mean chock full-o stats and box scores. Be insightful. Have a take that isn’t regurgitated from somewhere else. Or be funny. And as always, if you have a hot girlfriend or wife (or girlfriend AND wife) and send me a picture of her wearing Packer gear, that will be given priority consideration.

Simple, yes?

So. Watch the game. Then report back here and wow me. And Go Pack.

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*This story has yet to be confirmed by anyone but my imagination.