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The 7 Most Expensive BJs in Sports History


woman eating a bananaWith the Packers first overall pick in the 2009 draft B.J. Raji still unsigned, squabbling over money while the Packers are about to take the field for the first preseason game of the season, I’ve been wondering just how expensive this B.J. is going to end up being.  Based solely on the contracts of those above and below Raji in the 2009 draft, the numbers I would expect to see for Raji would be in the neighborhood of 5 years, $28M.

After I figured that out, I started wondering what some of the most expensive BJs in history were.  I mean let’s face it, some BJs are a bargain you’d pay for again and again.  Other BJs cost you way more than you ever thought they would, and if you had to do it all over again, you’d never sign on for that BJ.  Here’s my list of the most expensive BJs in sports history.  Only time will tell where Raji falls on this list.

BJ SurhoffB.J. Surhoff – former Milwaukee Brewer was signed by the Orioles in 1998 to a three year deal with an option for a fourth for a grand total of $17.5 million.  That’s a pretty expensive BJ, but many thought it was worth it.

B.J. Ryan – was signed by the Blue Jays to a 5 year, $47 million dollar contract in 2005.  It’s now 2009 and Ryan’s currently unemployed, so I think it’s safe to say this BJ was not worth the money.

BJ MullensB.J. Mullens – Pimple-faced Ohio State center, drafted by the Dallas Mavericks with the 24th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft, then immediately jettisoned to the Oklahoma City Thunder. We don’t know how much was paid for this BJ and this BJ has never been in the pros, so it’s as yet unclear the value of this BJ.

B.J. Upton – A member of the Tampa Bay Rays in his third year, earning under half a million per season.  As BJs go, this one is pretty cheap.

B.J. Sander – Hard to find a more expensive BJ.  Even harder to find one that leaves such a bad taste in one’s mouth.  Ryan, an Ohio State grad who did some post-grad work in the CFL, was considered by many the centerpiece of the table of incompetence Mike Sherman set for himself and the Packers during his tenure as Packers’ GM and head coach.  Though he only earned $300K in salary and nearly $600K in signing bonuses, this BJ was far more expensive, as he cost the Packers field position, points, wins, and probably a few coaching jobs.

B.J. Sams – During his 5 year NFL career he amassed 4 carries and 19 yards.  And one reception for 2 yards.  In five years.  He also had two solo tackles as a cornerback.  I must be missing something, because this BJ started in 2004 and hasn’t done much on the field since then, yet he’s been drawing an NFL paycheck ever since.  It’s rumored that he’ll be one of the “stars” of the new UFL.

But the most expensive BJ in all of sports history?

Eugene Robinson giving up a house callEugene Keefe Robinson – former Green Bay Packers safety was arrested for solicitation of a female police officer while playing for the Atlanta Falcons: $40 for a BJ.  This came less than 24 hours after having received the Bart Starr Award from the Christian group Athletes in Action for his “high moral character”, and less than 24 hours before his appearance in the Superbowl.  Many in the television and radio press booths as well as living rooms across America wondered if it was the stress of having to explain this to his family, his teammates and coaches, as well as the stress of being booked just before the Super Bowl that saw Robinson give up an 80 yard touchdown pass during the game and his generally poor play in the Super Bowl.  Some blame Robinson for that loss.

Even though it was only $40, with all the hardship that caused Eugene, his family, his team, the city of Atlanta and the NFL, this is the most expensive BJ in all of sports history.  And Eugene didn’t even get his BJ.

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Chris Webber is Giggling


If this guy starts telling me how a woman likes to have her ass smacked, I'm out.Edmund Burke said “Those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.”

But really. Would you listen to anything that came from the mouth of a panty waste like this guy? Especially if you were a steely head coach of a team playing the toughest sport in the world?

Of course not.

Which is why, once again, special teams and clock management hurt the Packers in their loss to the 2011 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

But really, there were lots of bright spots, and Packer faithful, I want you to consider this one thing: the Packers have lost to the very best the NFC AND AFC have to offer right now by a grand total of seven points (Atlanta, which sits atop the NFC at 12-2, and New England, perched over the AFC, also at 12-2). And last night, they did it without their starting quarterback on the field.

Admit it, before the final minute of the game, you thought Flynn’s game last night was above where you expected it to be. His decision making wasn’t as crisp and on script as a veteran QB, but you have to cop to it – he played really well.  Short of that last minute, he didn’t seem to ever get rattled.

BJ Raji. Well, I was hoping to draw some kind of parallel between BJ and Mr. Bojangles, but it turns out Bojangles wasn’t a boxer or wrestler or even a brick layer. He was a dancer.  And BJ might be a lover but he ain’t no dancer.

James Jones continues do himself a solid by catching and then hanging onto footballs and running places with those footballs.

And a little bit of props to coach McCarthy for the onside kick at the opener. Good thing I wasn’t having sex right then because I’m pretty sure the pig squeal I let out would have sent the wrong message to the lovely lady who’s ass I would have been slapping.

I want to heap praise on the defense for keeping the game close, but they gave up 30+, which is something they NEVER do. Granted, it was against what some are calling the best offense in the NFL right now. And they did apply some pressure to Brady. Ok, ok. Slack given.

I was beginning to think the nickname “Matty Ice” was going to need to be shared among two QB’s in the NFL, but the Matty Ice near Bahston last night became Matty Melt in the final few seconds of the game.

Which brings me to today’s history lesson.

Last night an offensive lineman had a 71 yard kick return. During the return I heard words like “..and he makes one tackler miss!” and “…he cuts back and has open field in front of him!” When an offensive lineman fields a kickoff? I should never, EVER hear those words. The Packers’ ability to cover kicks and punts is historical in it’s badness.

The Packers still have their 4th highest paid player playing Russian Roulette with his ACLs and MCLs, returning kicks. Take Tramon off the field for returns. A running back’s estimated lifespan in the NFL is about 3 years. A kick returner’s is about 3 months.

I can't haz timeout?Coach McCarthy? Please learn from this. And find someone who knows how to coach special teams.

Also, Coach McTime Management, when the game was on the line and you were in the clutch, you burned out another skid plate. Maybe Flynn doesn’t really have his two minute offense down, and should have known what the next play was gonna be. He certainly should have known he was out of time outs. Maybe he should have taken a lesson from Terrell Owens and Sarah Palin and stuff a sharpie in his sock so he could keep track of how many timeouts he had left.

But a wily and wise coach would have recognized that his first-time starting QB might get a little flustered in the final seconds, and sent in TWO plays. One for now and one to run right afterward. Instead it looked very much like Flynn, after trying to pull a Chris Webber, not having a play at the ready or not being able to hear it in his helmet, just yelled “Fuck it! Same play, guys! Ready, HUTT!”

Well at least the Patriot cheerleaders were warming up the place dressed as Santa’s little helpers.
Beautiful women dressed in Christmas gear? Yes, please.

I think moral victories are for the guys who leave the bar to make a stop at the drug store for some hand lotion on the way to an empty apartment.

But the Packers were missing some key guys, including Nick Collins for most of the night. And this was the very best the NFL has to offer in an opponent. The loss makes the Packer playoff hopes something only advanced mathematicians can understand, but you know? Given the injuries and the holes coach McChallenge keeps shooting through Packer feet, this has been a pretty entertaining season.

Now please excuse me. There’s a sale on Jergens at Wal Mart.

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Packers: Moving Furniture to Make Room in Their Heads


Let a new legend begin.

In the 1960’s, defenses could not prevent the mechanical certainty with which the Packers’ offense ate yards.

In the 1990’s, you didn’t leave Lambeau Field as an opponent of the Packers with a win.

In the 2010’s, coaches in jeopardy of losing their jobs do not survive the Packers.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not gonna go all crazy and crown their ass just yet. They don’t even hold sole possession of first place in their own division.

But what they do have? They have Dom Capers, the Megamind of Defense. Charles Woodson, who is arguably the most complete defensive player in football. Clay Matthews, the only defensive player I can remember in recent history that has me holding my breath with every opposing play from scrimmage, wondering if he’ll wreak disaster in the offensive backfield. Tramon Williams, who in 2010 is making himself a big name player in the NFL. Shit, I was gonna rattle off all the important players in the Packer defense and offense, but I’m running out of steam, and besides – I don’t need to tell you who’s good, do I? You watch the games. You know.

Add all of those good players up and you get 1,685, if you add them up by the numbers on their jerseys. Which makes no sense at all.

What does make sense? We have ourselves a young, talented team to pull for that gets better every week. A team that would hold up their end of the fight against any other team in the NFC right now.

Dear Mike Singletary, Jim Schwartz and Tom Coughlin: Don’t get too comfortable. And spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the user interface on It can be a little tricky if you aren’t used to it.

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