When I launched this Green Bay Packers blog back in ’06, my original goal was to blog strictly about the Packers.  Current Packers, former Packers, to-be-drafted Packers.  But as time wore on I realized that I watch football.  Not just what goes on insides the confines of Lambeau Field, but NFL football (and the three-ring circus it operates in).

So I started blogging about people like Michael Vick, Javon Walker (after he left Green Bay), Brett Favre (before, during and after his departure) and the Commish, Roger Goodell.  And because red blood courses through my veins, I also enjoy the pom-pon clad denim stretchers used to divert our attention during commercial breaks.  Seemed like posting about girl-on-girl bathroom cheerleader action might be fun, too.  Or the young, perky ladies who like to strip down to their bikinis on the last Packer home game of the season (aka the Packers Bikini Girls).

But I also have family sprinkled across this great country and wanted to be able to give them a local perspective on the haps with the Packers.  So this blog is my way of doing that.

I don’t know it all.  I don’t even know a lot of it.  I don’t do X’s and O’s.  I watch the games, then call it like I see it.  I can’t be bothered with research or fact checking.  It’s way more fun to make shit up.  Like the footer on every single page says, it’s probably best if you just assume everything written here is a lie.