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Week 6: No Dick Pics or Pick Six, Please


Atl @ Phi Kolb’s green. Vick, as we re-learned, is fragile.  Electric, but fragile. And Atlanta has that one really good guy.  And that other guy, too.  With those two guys, it’s hard to not pick the ATL in the city of Bromance.
Sea @ Chi
Kc @ Hou – I’d resisted drinking the heroin on the Texans until this year, when I finally gave in. Turns out I probably should have waited one more season.
Bal @ Ne – Do the Patriots still have the sauce?
Sd @ Stl
Mia @ Gb – This feels like a Homer pick. Like Simpson. High odds for “D’oh!” when it’s done. With Finley essentially out for the season, Donald Lee out until they can reduce the swelling with his vaginitis, we have Quarless at tight end. A guy who has casts on both hands. Oh, he doesn’t? You sure? My bad. I thought with all those drops he didn’t have use of his fingers.
No @ Tb
Det @ Nyg
Cle @ Pit
Nyj @ Den
Oak @ Sf
Dal @ Min – If the Vikings bring the fire of the 2nd half of MNF and Favre throws lasers, not wobbly penis balls, and Dallas plays like, well, Dallas, I think the Vikings take this by 14.
Ind @ Was
Ten @ Jac

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Week 3 Picks


Well boys and girls, it’s time for week 3 picks.  Right now? Your host of this humble little commode is 20 – 12 straight up. Definitely enough to pay back that burger joint you keep stiffing, telling them you’ll pay ’em Tuesday.

Sf @ Kc
Dal @ Hou
Cin @ Car
Cle @ Bal
Atl @ No
Det @ Min
Pit @ Tb
Ten @ Nyg
Buf @ Ne
Was @ Stl
Phi @ Jac
Sd @ Sea
Oak @ Ari
Ind @ Den
Nyj @ Mia
Gb @ Chi

Bank time, bitches!

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I Look Around This Room and I See a Lot of Crap


Lots of games with Vegas odds of 3 or less this week.

Bal @ Cin
Mia @ Min
Pit @ Ten
Buf @ Gb
Kc @ Cle
Tb @ Car
Phi @ Det
Chi @ Dal
Ari @ Atl
Stl @ Oak
Sea @ Den
Hou @ Was
Jac @ Sd
Ne @ Nyj
Nyg @ Ind
No @ Sf

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